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Buonefra servizi portuali Buonefra servizi portuali Buonefra servizi portuali Buonefra servizi portuali Buonefra servizi portuali Buonefra servizi portuali Buonefra servizi portuali Buonefra servizi portuali


Buonefra port company S.r.l. operates in the Port of Ortona providing handling and storage of bulk goods such as cereals, oilseeds and meals, clays and aggregates, pit coals, petcoke and biomass, salts, fertilizers, cements, etc. The reference area of the Port of Ortona for the commercialisation and distribution of goods has a considerable catchment area, well beyond the boundaries of the Abruzzo region. With time the company has developed its own expertise in all the aforementioned types of goods.
ln particular, Buonefra company Srl. offers its customers in the sector ofbulk goods the following services:

1) Discharge or loading by port cranes.
2) Availability of uncovered areas and warehouses for the storage of cargo after discharge or before loading. All areas are equipped for the reception or delivery of goods.
3) Custody of goods.
4) Redelivery bylorry, wagon or other, pursuant to the relevant instructions, or loading on vessel.

ln order to meet customers' requests, Buonefra port company Srl. provides dedicated storage areas with warehouses for a total of about 20,000 m2, and about 30,000 m3 where different types of goods can be stowed, divided by quality and type.

The warehouses and storage areas are located partly in the port premises and partly in the industrial area, in the immediate proximity of the A14 motorway exit.
The Port of Ortona is currently involved in an investmentplan aimed at increasing the development of the area, Within such plan are measures aimed at ameliorating the safety of berths and the accessibility of grounds so as to grant access to higher tonnage vessels. With its current draught, the port is able to receive vessels with batches from 70 to 75,000 tons of goods, which can be kept in the existing warehouses.

Companies operating in Central and Southern Italy can choose the Port of Ortona as the port of arrival for their goods and avail of the technical and logistic support of Buonefra Srl. to develop their distribution network. Locating goods near ones customers can certainly reduce distribution costs and help attain a more sustainable level of pollutant emissions into the environment.

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