Important funding to upgrade the port of Ortona

The CIPESS resolution was published in the Official Gazette of 14 November 2022 which expressed a favorable opinion on the planning and distribution of a total of 34 million euros, in favor of the Port System Authority of the Central Adriatic Sea, for the upgrading of the Port of Ortona.
Great news that highlights even more the strategic centrality of the port area of ​​Ortona: a resource on which it is necessary to invest more and more in a structured way in the coming years, with the aim of making Abruzzo grow continuously and constant from an infrastructural point of view.
But what will be the interventions driven by this funding?
Let's see it together…

Backdrops and docks at the center of the intervention plans

Basically, the sum of 4 million was allocated for the restructuring of the 'Martello' pier, consisting in the consolidation of the quay, in the correct repositioning of the boulders cliff on the east side of the same, and in a new paving of the area behind the quay itself with relative equipment.
The sum of 30 million, however, concerns the interventions to upgrade and expand the port, first part, in implementation of the PRP. The latter intervention consists in the redevelopment and strengthening of the shore quay, which will include the rehabilitation and safety of the entire front.

The port of Ortona is central to the development of Abruzzo and central Italy

The port – we read on the official portal of the Abruzzo Region – in addition to constituting the main multifunctional maritime port of Abruzzo, plays a strategic role for the development opportunities of the maritime traffic of the ADSP of the Central Adriatic Sea. This central role concerns not only the relations of the seaports on the Balkan coast, but also the connections between the 'Adriatic' corridor and the Tyrrhenian side of the Italian peninsula and, consequently, with the western Mediterranean. The implementation of the aforementioned interventions will allow the deepening of the seabed and the redevelopment of the existing quay structures and the rear quay squares, to adapt it to the performance characteristics required by the most recent technical standards.

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