11 million TEUs in containers: the Italian trend in 2023 reflects that of 2022

In 2023, Italy will remain at the previous year's level with regards to container traffic: 11 million TEU containers moved over the last year; exactly the same trend as in 2022, when the Assoporti report spoke of 11.570.173 TEUs.

The movement of goods for the port of grew by 5%. Gioia Tauro, which confirms itself as a driving force in Italy regarding this area.

However, the positive trend could be affected by the entry into force of theEmission Trading System – the European system for regulating greenhouse gas emissions – and the geopolitical crisis that is affecting the Red Sea, where due to the attacks Houthis, shipping costs of a container from Shanghai to Genoa have more than quadrupled within a month and a half (+350%).

Liguria leads Italy in container traffic

But what were the numbers of Italian ports regarding container traffic?

As in 2022, it is also there in 2023 Liguria to be the protagonist: as explained in the survey Shipping Italyin fact, a GenoVa e Vado Ligure 2,4 million TEUs and 360 thousand TEUs were moved respectively. Specifically, Psa Genova Pra' handled 1.449.199 Teu, Psa Sech 247.008 Teu, Genoa Port Terminal of Spinelli 424.561 Teu, IMT of the Messina Group 130.025 Teu, Terminal San Giorgio 104.000 Teu and Bettolo just under 100 thousand Teu.

A La Spezia container traffic recorded 1.142.863 TEUs; over 10 times the traffic generated in Marina di Carrara, part of the La Spezia port system.

Behind Liguria, always along the Tyrrhenian ridge, we find Livorno, with 665 thousand TEUs, Civitavecchia, which fell from 112.200 TEUs in 2022 to 100.000 last year, Napoli, which dropped from almost 700.000 TEUs in 2022 to below 60.000.

Encouraging results a Salerno, the 354.441 TEUs are synonymous with a growth of 10% compared to 2022; reverse trend compared to that of islands, where a decline was instead recorded compared to 2022. On the Ionian Taranto doubles its traffic with 40 thousand TEUs, but far from the desired results. Stable trend however Bari in the southern Adriatic.

What trend in the Adriatic?

In the central Adriatic Ancona it closed 2023 with just under 170.000 TEUs moved, around 30.000 less than Ravenna, where traffic stood just below 20.000 TEUs.

In the northeast Marghera stops just under 500.000 TEUs, numbers growing compared to 2022, unlike Trieste, where the 764.000 TEUs mark a decreasing trend compared to the previous year.

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