Record last quarter for Italian containers

Over the summer, Italy recorded, with a score of 79,1, its record for the Liner Shipping Connectivity Index, the index of the UN agency Unctad to measure the degree of connection of the ports of a nation to the global network of containerized maritime services.
The index is defined on the basis of six evaluation factors on a scale of 1 to 100: the number of weekly ship calls scheduled in the country; the annual capacity offered by scheduled services in the country; the number of regular services to and from the country; the number of shipping companies providing scheduled services to and from the country; the size of the largest vessel employed by services to and from the country; the number of other nations connected via direct scheduled services.

International container traffic in Italy is growing

79,1 in the third quarter of 2023 – as reported by the report Lsci – earned Italy fifth place in Europe, behind Spain with 95,0 (+4,4%), Holland with 91,9 (+1,4%), Belgium with 89,2 (+1,6 %), Germany with 81,8 (-2,1%). After Italy there are France, with 76,5 (+3,2%), Greece, with 64,3 (+8,4%), Malta, with 46,8 (+13,2%), Slovenia , with 35,3 (-0,7%) and Croatia, with 33,5 (-1,5%). After a long wait, the port of Genoa returns to lead the way, with a +41% compared to the same period last year.

Genoa is back in command for the first time after Covid

In fact, for the first time since the beginning of the impact of the pandemic on this sector, the Genoese port has once again surpassed that of the transhipment port of Gioia Tauro in terms of the LSCI index. The total score was 66,2, with a growth of +41% over the same period of 2022. The index of the port of Gioia Tauro relating to the third quarter of this year was instead 60,3, with a less marked increase of +4,3%. The data from La Spezia (56,9, +50,6%) and Naples (52,4, +122,9%) are important.
Closely followed by Trieste (34,5, +0,1%), Livorno (27,3, +6,0%), Civitavecchia (25,7, +2,6%), Vado Ligure (24,9, + 3,4%), Salerno (23,9, +48,0%), Venice (10,9, +4,5%), Ravenna (9,7, -5,1%) and Ancona (9,6 , +3,5%).

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