A state of backwardness and a trend that must be reversed

The Uniontrasporti “White Paper” was presented in recent days, which photographed the situation in terms of infrastructures and means of transport throughout Italy: the situation in Abruzzo in this sense is dramatic.
Our region is in fact between 74th and 89th place by analyzing the individual items.
The lack of investments and development from an infrastructural point of view is in fact also the cause of the poor growth of our region from an economic point of view, in spite of several industrial areas among the most important in Italy and two port areas of crucial importance for the central area of ​​our country.
Thirty years of flotation for a territory that would have all the credentials to prove itself competitive at national and international level.
What is the current situation and how should it be improved? Let's see it together ...

Not very competitive Abruzzo: investments in infrastructures

Our region, at present, is entangled in slow and cumbersome connections, also by virtue of its position, with most of the strategic areas of Italy and Europe.
The most striking example is given by rail connections: the fastest train takes over three hours and twenty to connect Rome to Pescara for over three hours and twenty for less than 200 km, to connect Rome to Milan it takes less than three hours: an unfair and extremely harmful relationship. in commercial, but also environmental terms, for Abruzzo.
Another huge problem is given by the motorway: the absence of the third lane in our region (the three lanes stop at the Marche) means that a real funnel is created, giving rise to a devastating impact in economic and ecological.
Finally, the Trignina, the only connection between the sangrina industrial area and the Vasto area with Campania, is a road that is now absolutely inadequate for the needs of 2022: one cannot think that the infrastructures of the early 90s can remain valid even today, with a totally globalized market and needs that are light years away from a very distant time, especially in terms of trade, transport and logistics of goods of all kinds.

Ortona and Vasto protagonists between sea and land

Future plans are entrusted to the words of the Commissioner ZES Abruzzo Mauro Miccio, who analyzes the moment by projecting his gaze to a future of investments in the port areas of Ortona and Vasto, on the Ortona-Civitavecchia railway connections and on road connections.

"As for the commissioner of the Zes in Abruzzo - explains Miccio - on the infrastructural level we have fifty million euros of planned investments that intersect, it is good to remember, for example in the port of Ortona with other important investments for the docks and other interventions at the expense of the Port System Authority, also with the use of complementary funds linked to the NRP ».

"We also remember that there are the money of the Rome-Pescara that amount to over eight hundred million euros - underlines the Commissioner - and that they will serve to favor the connections between the two seas and that pass from Civitavecchia-Orte to get to Ortona, and then Ploce and Barcelona, ​​as foreseen by the European corridors in the TNT network project. Finally - he notes - another very important investment is linked to the use of the Adriatic Sea from Trieste to Otranto which covers the southern axis: in this case the Abruzzese automotive needs a connection, including a railway one, to join that road of the A14 with the criticalities of the third lane, and that of the A24 and A25 which, as you know, for legal reasons is managed by Anas "

The hope is that it will be done quickly also by virtue of the procedures that are all simplified and accelerated and a great institutional and social collaboration of unions and companies that have requested and obtained ”».

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