Marche and Abruzzo are crucial hubs for the present and future of Italian trade

A new PNRR loan for the ports of the Central Adriatic Sea Port System Authority. In fact, the projects presented for the Pnrr tender for the development of agri-food logistics in port areas were accepted. Actions involving the commercial ports of Marche and Abruzzo with a total investment of 9.253.381 euros. The 7 planned investments must be completed by 2025. In the port of Ancona, the project concerns the artificial intelligence system connected to the management and control of the flows of vehicles loading and disembarking in the port, interoperable with the Customs and Monopolies Agency in customs controls, as well as the funds to extend the system to monitor container traffic and interface with the Port Community System. Also in Ancona there will be an intervention that concerns the energy efficiency of the port's lighting systems, and another that finances the last part of the restructuring of the fish market, aimed at increasing efficiency and energy saving in the modernization works of the building state property.

From Ancona to Ortona, the Adriatic of central Italy is the protagonist of the next investments

Important projects also on our port of Ortona, in Abruzzo: the video surveillance and access system to the port, with the modernization of the security infrastructure, and the renovation of the north side wave wall as a defense infrastructure of the port, securing the access and exit roads to the north commercial dock. Also in Abruzzo, in Pescara, the modernization of the video surveillance and security system for access to the infrastructure is planned. The ADSP has also submitted an application for funding for the acquisition of a wave buoy functional to the management of dredging projects in the port system, in preparation for dredging interventions in the ports of Ancona, Pesaro, Ortona, Pescara, San Benedetto del Tronto.

The logistics of the future also passes through Ortona

A visionary work aimed at modernizing and making Adriatic ports increasingly efficient with a view to sustainability, this is precisely the objective of the Port System Authority of the Central Adriatic Sea. A work for the construction of an Adriatic port projected into international markets and into the future, with material infrastructures coordinated and enhanced with digital equipment and solutions to increase the competitiveness of the system's commercial traffic and to adapt to the needs of operators, businesses and communities ports.

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