Zeno D'Agostino new president of Expo

A few days ago, news of the appointment of Zeno D'Agostino at the head of Espo, the European Sea Ports Organization: the president of thePort system authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea was unanimously elected by the 23 countries present to succeed the Finnish Annaleena Mäkilä with the direct support of two vice presidents, Daan Schalck, Belgian manager, in charge of the North Sea Port (the body that unites the ports of Ghent and Zeeland) , and by Ansis Zeltiņš, Latvian manager, at the top of the port of Riga.
A prestigious appointment for an institution, the Expo, which represents a body of cohesion and cooperation of the ports of the European Union towards an objective of common growth and development to be implemented over time through dialogue with all stakeholders in the sector from all over the world.

A great opportunity for Italy

Such an important representation within the European port system represents a great opportunity for Italy: in fact, 18 years have passed since the last appointment of an Italian president at the Expo; 18 years in which the Italian port system has continued to grow and in which Italy's strategic position within the Mediterranean has increased day by day.
Precisely for this reason, the opportunities that will arise from this appointment for Italy will be an opportunity to develop a port system that is already a resource of extraordinary importance for our country today.

A clear, innovative and forward-looking agenda

But what will the program Of the president D'Agostino for the development of European ports?
The guidelines are quite clear and will cover fundamental themes such as energy transition, the change of governance necessary for the ports of tomorrow, the management of human resources and social conflict and, of course, investment on digitization.
Just the innovation represents one of the fundamental cornerstones for the future of ports: innovation accompanied by the creation of awareness of the importance of the port sector in people; a mission to be accomplished through a communication strategy that is not based only on operators in the sector, but which is able to reach the general public in order to collectively attack and win the challenges of the ports of Europe for the present and for the future.

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