What is happening in the United States?

Those concerning various commercial ports of the United States, for some time now in the grip of congestion due to a series of causes and, in turn, the source of as many harmful consequences on world trade.
A very difficult period for the logistics mainly due to a large one economic recovery of industrialized countries, which has pushed several companies to large volume orders for raw materials and semi-finished products, undermining the supply of electrical conductors, microchips, paper, coffee, steel, packaging boxes, among others.
For the forwarders, on the other hand, the crisis mainly materializes in a temporal discourse: in fact, it is increasingly difficult to deliver goods on time in light of the above difficulties.

Congestion and more: hard times for world logistics

La congestion however, it is not the only problem gripping world logistics.
The case of the latent lack of empty containers that can be filled represents another important problem: a structural phenomenon, already present before the advent of Covid.
Il blockade of the Suez Canal, the commercial port of the Mediterranean, last March, has generated delays in shipments so massive that repercussions are still felt, with probable aftermath that will arrive until the winter season.
Il blockade of the Shenzhen airport, one of the main shipping ports from East to West, which occurred due to a Covid outbreak in the area, is just the tip of the iceberg of a really difficult situation, a maritime logistics that travels in fits and starts for almost two years now and causing enormous damage with repercussions also on inflation.

Not just the United States: it is a global crisis

The phenomenon of congestion it concerns, at least at present, “only” the transport of consumer goods, therefore mainly the large container ships that cross a few - but fundamental - ports in the world.
Yes, in the world, why Europe too is not exempt from this phenomenon which is causing considerable damage: the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp e Valencia, three of the most important airports of the Old Continent, present situations in some respects similar to those in the United States, albeit in smaller volumes.
World supply system on its knees?
Not yet.
But one fact is certain: from the advent of Covid, passing through the blockade of the Suez Canal, plus the strikes in Australia and other situations of unrest also in Italy, up to the global congestion, the logistics sector is not doing well. just fine.
Despite this however, the trade of the sea continues to be a driving force of the world economy, and he is called to hold his own even in the midst of many difficulties.
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