From pandemic lockdown to productive lockdown, what happens?

Last week we talked about the project Cold Ironing for the electrified docks that will allow ships to be powered from shore during the mooring period in Italian ports, an initiative that it would significantly reduce the environmental impact that precisely the stop of the ships - which are self-powered - currently have in the ports of call, in the water, in the air and acoustically (to reread the article click here).
At the same time, however, we asked ourselves a question: the Cold Ironing project brings numerous benefits and is undoubtedly innovative, but with the expensive energy going on what happens?
La decarbonization led energy supply companies a fail anymore - from November - to meet the demand, putting in serious difficulty the system of energy supply throughout Europe.
Il dear energy, a natural consequence of this factor, is bringing thousands of businesses to their knees, with natural raising of all prices and important repercussions on the final consumer and on the entire distribution chain.
But while Europe is experiencing this situation, how is the rest of the world doing? Let's see it together ...

Europe has been fighting a solo war for 30 years

Over the past three decades Europe has reduced its C02 emissions by one billion tons.
The rest of the world at the same time it went in the opposite direction instead, increasing them by 13 billion and totally eliminating all the efforts of the old continent, our efforts, which have not cost a little.
The principled, and conceptually right, battle for the carbon neutrality, resulted in a EU which has accumulated an important competitive disadvantage compared to other countries and regions of the world.
Are traditional forms of energy supply still essential? Probably yes.
Estimates say that in the course of 2022 the levels of demand for oil and coal could exceed those of 2019. This is because the supplies of renewable resources are clearly lower than expected and fail to meet ours energy needs.

Away from the zero-emission world?

Is the zero-emissions world pure utopia? No, but in the light of the current situation it appears unlikely and in some respects "unsustainable" that something similar can be achieved in a few years.
Keep in mind the needs of the environment, but at the same time the GAP between the European Union and other countries of the world - including those on the border such as North African nations, which are much further away from environmental issues than we are- widen further. The consequences for the economy and for companies would be truly dire.
We must therefore be polishes, and really understand how far we can go in the fight against emissions at this historic moment.
The project Cold Ironing however, it remains important and absolutely valid, but in the short term there will undoubtedly be many difficulties due to expensive energy. In the long run, however, this battle is likely to prove successful.

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