2023 exports are stable for Italy, but the south is growing with an important exploit

2023 in exports does not present major twists for Italy: values ​​summarily stationary in almost the entire peninsula, but very different trends based on the different territories.

Slight growth for the north-west, with +2,7% in contrast to the data for the north-east, where a negative decline of 1% was recorded. The most important drop is recorded in the centre, with -3,4% which is very far from the centre-south, which recorded growth close to 17%, unlike the islands where the Istat report describes a sharp decline, equal to 21%.

Campania is the driving force behind the great growth in the South, with pharmaceuticals and automotive products leading in this particular ranking. In the north-west Piedmont commands, again thanks to cars, followed by Lombardy. In the centre, Marche and Lazio show the decline, while Veneto and Friuli play the same role for the north-west of the country.

Exports are also growing in Abruzzo

What is the cause of the decline in the islands? In this case it is easy to frame the cause in the clear decline in products in the refining category, with a reversal of trend which however can be found in the last quarter of the year, where the data were as follows:

  • Islands and south + 1,1%
  • North East -1,5%
  • North West +3,1%
  • Center + 7,1%

Where does Abruzzo fit in this ranking?
Our region is undoubtedly among the most dynamic territories in terms of exports during 2023, with a +13,6% which reinforces an important role already consolidated over the years.
Above Abruzzo in terms of growth only Campania, with 28,9%, Molise, with 21,1% and Calabria with 20,9%. The most indicative deteriorations were instead for Sardinia, Valle d'Aosta, Sicily, Marche, Friuli and Lazio, with data ranging between -24,1% in Sardinia and -11%, precisely, in Lazio.

Where Italian exports are growing and where they are declining

Finally, as highlighted by the Istat report, the greatest positive contributions to national exports came from the increase in sales from the Marche region to China (+390,8%), from Campania to Switzerland (+99,6%) and the United States (+53,4%), Tuscany towards the United States (+24,1%) and Piedmont towards France (+15,2%), Germany (+9,3%) and OPEC countries (+39,4 %). The largest negative ones from lower foreign sales from Tuscany to Switzerland (-38,0%), from the Marche to Belgium (-64,0%), Germany (-39,0%) and the United States (-33,2% ), Lombardy towards Germany (-8,4%) and Lazio towards Belgium (-23,4%).

Naples, Turin, Siena and Milan are the most virtuous provinces in terms of exports, while Syracuse, Ascoli, Cagliari and Rome represent the negative counterpart in the balance of the ranking.

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