The Adriatic backbone becomes the bridge with the East

The Port of Trieste increases its range of action as an "intermodal hub" and is characterized, together with Abruzzo, as the backbone for what concerns the transport of goods by rail from the East to Abruzzo, passing along the Adriatic backbone , presenting the new direct connection service with the Manoppello interport at the Friuli airport, chosen by Honda Italia for the transport of components arriving from Asia and destined for the factory located in the industrial hub of Val di Sangro, for decades reference for the preparation of mopeds for sale throughout Europe.

Less rubber in favor of rail transport

The service, inaugurated in October 2022 (we had talked about it , promising), in recent days it has been doubled, going from one to two weekly circulations. A convoy of forty containers each way, with journeys of around 12 hours and times in fact halved compared to transport which, until recently, took place by road.
An important impact, that of the project, which has made it possible to remove as many as 70 trucks from the Italian highways every week.
The service, as we know, is carried out with the direct partnership of Sangritana with the subsidiary company of the Port of Trieste Adriafer, which manages the shunting operations of the railway convoys in coordination with the container terminal of Molo VII, managed in turn by Trieste Marine Terminal.

Intermodality and sustainable logistics

«Thanks to trains, our port creates relationships and shortens distances not only towards Europe, but also towards Italy; – comments the president of the Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, Zeno D'Agostino - this connection, in fact, allows us to shorten the distances on the entire Adriatic ridge, demonstrating how the railway can and must increasingly be the solution for sustainable logistics».

The intent, as explained by the Port Authority itself, is to expand the project, adding an additional open train, also aimed at other companies interested in the same section, including Honda, which is already working to increase the sections .

Sustainable logistics and intermodality: the future is traced and Abruzzo plays a fundamental role in the present and in the long term, for Italy and for Europe.

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