The Tyrrhenian-Adriatic axis is the answer to the crisis

Also in the Uil Abruzzo congress of recent days, the theme of infrastructures in our region has strongly returned to the fore, with particular focus on the area of ​​port logistics which sees Ortona as the flagship and protagonist of a change that must come from above. , and quickly.
The economy of the sea must be the basis and the driving force for a change of pace at an infrastructural level, a driving force for companies, development and work in a present but above all future key.
The strategic position of the port of Ortona must represent the keystone for a position of centrality also at an economic level, in Europe and in the world, of Abruzzo. To make this happen, however, it is necessary to make a turn; let's see together how ...

Ortona-Civitavecchia in the center of Europe

Let's start from the words of the regional secretary Uil Michele Lombardo to analyze the picture of the situation in the port of Abruzzo.
The economy of the sea inevitably passes through the Zes, and the Zes is inextricably linked to the request for the inclusion of Abruzzo in the two European TEN-T corridors: the first already acquired, the so-called Baltic - Adriatic corridor; the second, still of complex definition, is the transversal corridor of the Mediterranean, Barcelona - Civitavecchia - Ortona - Ploce.
This corridor would allow a historical turning point: intercepting the commercial flows of the Iberian Peninsula, passing through the Capitoline market and through the Balkan and Turkey routes to head towards the Middle East routes in order to make Abruzzo one of the eastern trade corridors. most important west in the world.
For the first time, through this fast railway, there would also be the direct involvement of the innermost areas of the region, areas that, at the moment, are inexorably traveling towards abandonment.

Cruise ships and large freight ships for Ortona

However, the fast railway line is not the only turning point that Abruzzo must aim for for the Ortonese port area with a view to development: as always highlighted by Lombardo, it is in fact necessary to quickly ground the 87 million euros of the masterplan. to make the port of Ortona usable also by ships with high capacity for the transport of goods and passengers, with the aim of making the port of Ortona truly become the regional port of reference that connects, through the Zes, the development of Adriatic backbone and Tyrrhenian-Adriatic backbone networks, supplemented by the development of the Pescara-Rome high-capacity railway line, now already financed, and the Pescara-Milan and Pescara-Bari high-speed railway line.
Ortona at the center of the future of Abruzzo and Italy? Probably yes, but we need to hurry ...


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