The decree has been signed: funds are arriving for the processing of gas in ports

Signed in recent days by the Minister of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, Enrico Giovannini, the decree that provides for the allocation of 220 million euros from the Complementary Fund: the goal is to invest this sum in the construction of natural gas liquefaction plants, of refueling points in liquefied natural gas ports (LNG and Bio-LNG) and for the purchase of ships to allow bunkering activities.
The decree also specifies terms, requirements and methods for accessing the funds, with applications that can be submitted starting from 9:00 on 10 July, until 13:00 on 10 September 2022; by September 30, 2022, the ranking for the admission of projects to the grant will be defined.

What interventions will be financed?

What interventions will be financed and in what form? Basically, the grants are intended for 90 million euros for the construction of natural gas liquefaction plants; 40 million for the construction of LNG and Bio-LNG refueling points in the port area; for 90 million for the purchase of naval units for bunkering activities.
The target of the financing is instead the companies, the companies that produce or distribute gas and the shipowners who instead supply the naval units in the port area.

Innovation and sustainability at the center

The admissibility to the announcement passes from the judgment of a technical commission that will move on different principles: in fact the quality of the project will be evaluated; the innovative elements and the technical-scientific contents of the project; the expected impact on the production chain in the reference area; the contribution to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.
The deadline for the realization of the projects is set for the end of March 2025, with the reservation to also accept projects that go beyond these times in cases of legitimate and technically acceptable reasons.

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