The port of Ortona at the center of the Abruzzo development plans

The Port of Ortona represents a pivotal point for the economic and commercial development of Abruzzo and central Italy: a constant reiterated several times on the Buonefra blog and also in line with the future investment planning of the Region.
The approval - which took place in recent days - of the excavation works in the Ortona port, represents in fact a point of fundamental importance for the growth of Abruzzo port logistics.
A sector, the port sector, which has been characterized as a real driving force of the national economy even in periods of lockdown and Italy divided into "zones", giving support to a very precarious balance in itself as a result of the closures and prohibitions imposed .

Everything is ready for the excavation works at the port of Ortona

Precisely in the light of all this, the excavation works in the port of Ortona were approved in recent days by the Abruzzo region to increase the commercial capacity of the port and relaunch its commercial vocation.
The positive evaluation of the environmental compatibility of the intervention that provides for the dredging of port sediments was the subject of the works of the Services Conference which ended on 21 April at the regional waste management and reclamation service.
The goal is indeed to favor trade, but also to carry out a work in line with the environment; let's see why ...

Economy but not only: an investment for the environment

Favoring the transport of goods on ships can, in fact, guarantee greater safety in health terms but above all in environmental terms, with a reduced impact and reduced pollution.
These works are aimed - as specified on the portal of the Abruzzo Region - to create development conditions for new companies that will be able to benefit from greater competitiveness thanks to expanded and renewed logistic offers, linked to a more streamlined, efficient and functional system to the needs of companies. same.

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