Massive investment in infrastructures at the beginning of 2023 for Abruzzo

2023 is expected to be full of infrastructural innovations for Abruzzo, with the involvement of different areas between inland areas and the coast: the objective of the memorandum of understanding for legality and the prevention of criminal infiltration attempts within the Zes Aree port of Ortona and Vasto, is precisely to start several shipyards of enormous strategic importance within the first months of 2023.
Specifically, there is talk of a large-scale investment, of 40 million euros, with the aim of completing most of the works by the end of next year, respecting the tight schedule of the PNRR and avoiding the risk of criminal infiltration into projects from enormous scope.

From the coast to inland areas: infrastructures at the center of Abruzzo development

A truly impressive planning, the one illustrated in the memorandum of understanding: in fact, strategic works are planned including the completion and strengthening of the railroad Fossacesia-Castel di Sangro and Saletti logistic plate in Atessa for 24,4 million euros, with the aim of further increasing the competitiveness ofindustrial area of ​​the Val di Sangro.
For the port areas, on the other hand, the construction of the connection of thelast railway mile in the port of Ortona, work of just under 5 million euros; there Levante quay of the port of Vasto, with an investment of just over 7 and a half million; the road link between the Ortona motorway exit and the Statale 16 for 2 million; and finally a roundabout along state road 16 in the industrial center of Vasto.

Infrastructure, employment and legality for the turning point

“We must hurry and work as best we can, that is, acting legally - comments the SEZ Commissioner Mauro Miccio - and it is not just a matter of mafia, anti-mafia or legality checks: there is a very important element linked to safety at work and the protection of the rules of those who will participate in the tenders, which will be indicated precisely because we must give the possibility to work, especially in a period of great difficulty like this, and we have to start 40 million works that I expect to be able to start in the first months of next year. This means that we have the possibility of giving employment, confirming work and above all giving the possibility to those in this sector to be able to do so in full compliance with the law ".


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