From Trieste to Abruzzo by rail

From the Far East to Abruzzo via Trieste, the intermodality project for freight transport, with the direct involvement of Honda and Sangritana, concretely takes hold. Let's see together what it is and what the advantages will be for the world of integrated logistics.
Basically, in recent days, Sangritana and Honda Industriale Italia signed a commercial agreement for the transport of components from the Far East through the port of Trieste and destined for the Japanese manufacturer's plant in Val di Sangro.
An agreement that represents a real turning point for the Abruzzo of logistics, but also for the entire Adriatic backbone, with Trieste becoming the crucial hub for the transport of components from the East to our region.

Abruzzo protagonist of intermodality in logistics

When and how will the goods travel?
Basically, as explained in the agreement, the Honda Italia components will travel overnight on the Sangritana trains, for what represents an agreement with an important weight also in environmental terms, fully embracing issues, such as intermodality linked to sustainability, which represent a factor of primary importance, for the present and above all for the future.
Could this be the first big step for the development of intermodal transport on the Adriatic coast? Soon to say, but it is undoubtedly a strong signal that also pushes important investments in infrastructural terms, in Abruzzo and throughout Central Italy.

The infrastructure challenge passes from the Adriatic

As also explained by the President of the Central Adriatic Port Authority, Vincenzo Garofalo, consider logistics, with the entire infrastructure system in tow, as a real driving force for the territorial and national economy, with the aim of ensuring the competitiveness of productive sectors established in the Abruzzo region, is in this moment - as we have repeatedly underlined also in the Buonefra blog - a real mission.
Just as it is a mission to guarantee an integrated infrastructural network, in line with the spirit of reform and investments that closely involve the port system, including the port of Ortona which represents a fundamental resource for Abruzzo and central Italy. .
In this sense, the agreement for intermodality from the Far East to Abruzzo is a godsend, with the hope that it can act as a driving force for investments throughout the territory.

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