An initiative that puts Italian ports at the center

Game in recent days theItalian Port Days - Opening port life and culture to people, the initiative, lasting one month, which sees the Italian ports involved in a series of events with stakeholders and territories. The aim is to intensify relations between the airports and the territories to which they belong, really focusing onport activity and all the consequences that it entails both for the territories and outside the territorial boundaries. To get in touch with the communities, webinars, exhibitions, conferences and many other events will be organized with the aim of fully showing what the Italian port system manages to give directly and indirectly to the population in economic and system terms.

Integrate and open up, what ports have always struggled to do

A great goal to pursue:  Italian Port Days it must incentivize better integration between port areas and communities. What ports have always struggled to do was to communicate its activities to people. This gap has made the relationship between ports and outsiders increasingly cumbersome. These initiatives must keep the port-city relationship in step with the times in terms of institutional strategy and communication and promotion. Communication and sharing as a primary objective, therefore, for Italian ports that are increasingly looking to the future.

Social sustainability at the center

Social sustainability will be the key to reading this edition of Italian Port Days, with a focus on a topic touched on in recent days also in the blog of the port company Buonefra: that of "pink quotas" in ports. The goal of Women in Transport, as anticipated in this article, is to strengthen the employment of women in ports and offer equal opportunities for women and men. It will certainly not be easy, but the challenge of ports between sharing, sustainability and digitization has just begun.