Digital and Green Oriented, Italian logistics changes gear

The Covid emergency and the lockdown meant that the spotlights were finally focused on a sector that has in a certain sense always been overshadowed in national development plans: logistics. The forced “stop” of the country has in fact recognized the fundamental and supporting role that this sector plays at a strategic level in Italy, at the same time bringing out the many gaps it presents in terms of future growth. What is requested on behalf of the experts is, in particular, as also reported in the pages of Il Sole 24 Ore, a massive implementation of defined strategies, aimed at increasing the capacity of the Italian logistics system, to stabilize market liberalization, to expand the business opportunities of operators, to increase the digitization rate and environmental sustainability of the sector, two aspects, the latter, which, moreover, are among the criteria identified by Europe for the financing of projects within the Next Generation Eu.

Training at the center for the logistics of the future

Among the actions to be undertaken with a certain urgency at a strategic level, a targeted training plan, aimed at raising the level in the sector, absolutely occupies a primary position. Particular attention in this area must necessarily be paid to digital: logistics 4.0 cannot ignore IT and digital knowledge, tools that will play an increasingly central role. All this will determine the need for an adjustment of workers' skills. The most important aspect will be to own the skill digital adapted to the new context, which will be a necessary and fundamental prerequisite to be able to carry out an ever-increasing number of tasks. This is because the logistics of the future will be a continuous dynamic interaction, a two-way information exchange, which will connect the entire logistic chain with a horizontality and a transversality of actions hitherto unexplored in a sector that has always traveled on a parallel track. with respect to innovation.

The 4.0 revolution taking place in the world of logistics is bringing 360 ° innovations that allow greater efficiency, fewer errors and real-time monitoring. These innovations have clearly had a huge boost with the Covid emergency, and precisely on the wave generated by this boost, the contribution of 5 million euros for professional training in the trucking sector for 2021, with new technologies and digitalization, also travels at the heart of the programs, hand in hand with security, management and business development. A new wind therefore for logistics, a sector destined to change its skin and finally embrace a growth that lasts over the years, the minimum for an induced that alone is worth 9% of the national GDP.