First half of 2022 in growth for the port of Ortona

Positive trend for the port of Ortona in the first half of 2022: + 3,4% for the Ortona port in overall freight traffic. An extremely significant fact that once again demonstrates the role of absolute centrality of the port and the logistics area of ​​Ortona at a national and international level.
The total amount of goods handled in this first half year is equal to 590.302 tons: the growth remains at the same level as in the first half of 2021, when the goods handled were 570.671 tons, with a growth of + 3,4%. The increase compared to the first half of 2019 is equal to 15%.

Growth of 15% in the last three years for the Port of Ortona

Looking more in detail at the numbers of the port of Ortona, we see how the traffic of bulk goods was 401.420 tons, with an important increase of + 6,6% compared to the same period last year, when the traffic of goods was 376.739 tons. , driven by cereals and secondary raw materials.
The traffic of liquid goods, with 188.882 tons, instead marks a slight decrease compared to the first half of 2021.

Ortona and Ancona the symbols of a racing Adriatic

Also significant in this sense are the words of the president of the Port Authority Garofalo who comments on the growth of the ports of Ortona and Ancona:

“These data confirm that the main ports of Marche and Abruzzo are protagonists and at the service of the economic and social reality of both regions, with positive repercussions both on the port cities and on the territory.
It is the task of the Adsp to create the conditions so that operators and port companies can quickly intercept the trafficking opportunities offered by the market to increase their sustainable development ".


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