Abruzzo invests in infrastructure with the PNRR

Key investment for Abruzzo in terms of infrastructure: a new nine-kilometre road to connect the Frentano area faster and more safely to the largest metalworking industrial area in central and southern Italy, the Val di Sangro: the project, of of 3,2 million euros, will be covered with the resources assigned by the department of the Ministry of the Interior for the safety of the territory and the upgrading of the road network, and at the request of the Province of Chieti which has included the intervention among the projects PNRR.
A strategic investment that represents the solution to the problems – growing in recent years – in the traffic of goods and people from/to the Val di Sangro towards the inland areas and the coast, including the port area of ​​Ortona.

Infrastructure and sustainability

The hypothesized layout of the new expressway will be developed in part in the new site with important works such as viaducts, bridges and a tunnel, and in part on the existing layout of the Provincial Road 89, going to connect the town of Lanciano, from the intersection with the Statale 84 near the center, in the municipality of Atessa in the Saletti area, at the intersection with the Sangro valley floor.
The design will start within this year, and will necessarily have to guarantee sustainability principles including:

  • reduction of the impact on the ecosystem and optimization of the route to safeguard the territory and reduce energy consumption;
  • adaptation to future changes in use, such as increased traffic volume or increase in cycle paths and pedestrian streets;
  • innovative materials with low environmental impact.
Clear objectives for the province of Chieti

The objective – as explained by the vice president of the Province Arturo Scopino – is to adopt a project which, with adequate economic resources, can be immediately ready for construction from the moment in which the executive planning is formalized and delivered. A territory, that of Chieti, which looks to the future with courage and ambition, in an overall vision of the road system: in fact, these 3.200.000 euros are joined by the additional 940.000 euros for the project to connect the motorway exits of Vasto Nord and Vasto Sud and 760.000 euros for the refurbishment project of the old stations on the Via Verde. A total of approximately 5 million euros assigned to the Province of Chieti for the planning of important interventions at the service of the territory, companies and people.

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