From Conte to Draghi: different points of view that modify world trade geopolitics

Less than two years later, the global geopolitical scenario is in danger of to tip over under the point of view commercial: it was in fact 2019 when, with the first Conte government, Italy was the only country in the European bloc to sign agreements on New Silk Road with the Chinese government.

Let's go in order ... What is the New Silk Road? On this portal we have repeatedly referred to what is nothing more than a strategic initiative of the Republic of China based on the strengthening of its links with the West, the Eurasian bloc in particular.

The past two years, characterized by an unprecedented crisis due to the pandemic, have meant that the Italian vision and more generally Western, in this sense, changed significantly; let's see how ...

Italy winks at the United States

Il vision change, in progress with the current Draghi government that took over from the previous Conte government, is actually due to more than one factor: on the table, "prepared" by the States with the new presidency by Joe Biden, there are in fact the substantial sentence to violation of human rights and from forced labor implemented by China, the international survey on causes of the spread of the virus and autocratic form of the Beijing government, profoundly distant from the vision of the world that other democracies have instead.

Possible scenarios

That it came to one decrystallization of trade dialogues between the US and European states with the advent of Biden in the post-Trump era it was undoubtedly something highly probable.

If Italy will then actually turn its gaze back to West instead of ad Nibujon only time will tell: it is certain that the Italian position, as well as that of all the member states of the G7, is condemning China, not so much for wanting to consolidate its position as a world economic power, but for the modalities and for non-adherence to multilateral agreements at a transversal level: in short, an important furrow whose effects can be seen and evaluated in the coming months and years.