Almost 18 million for works at the Ortona airport

18 million euros (or a little less): this is the amount destined for the Port of Ortona by virtue of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.
A sum as conspicuous as it is necessary, because the Port of Ortona, a strategic port of call at national and international level, has been waiting for works of primary importance for several years now.
Works that, to date, have not yet been completed for reasons mainly attributable to bureaucratic problems.

From the PNRR the resources for the Port of Ortona

The figure is sanctioned by virtue of the agreement reached between the Port System Authority of the Central Adriatic Sea and the Commissioner of the Special Economic Zone, an agreement that provides for the collaboration between the two institutions in the management of the PNRR funds.
At the center of attention there are two factors of primary importance:

  • the correct execution of the works
  • the timing of implementation

But what work are we talking about? Let's see it together ...

The works for which the investment is intended

The interventions on the port of Ortona will concern key investments for the growth of the port, of the territory and of all of Central Italy. Redevelopment and strengthening operations will be carried out on the shore quay, which integrates with the dredging of the water in front of the quay, and the direct railway connection from the port, essential in terms of efficiency and intermodality. The total amount of the investment will be 17,8 million euros.

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