The report for the first nine months emerges from Assoporti

It is a 2021 with the plus sign for Italian ports: after the inevitable decline of 2020, the airports of the Bel Paese are in fact breathing again.
This is what emerges from the report by Sleep up related to first nine months of 2021: a stable and constant recovery that can be summarized in decidedly important numbers in the light of the emergency situation experienced and, alas, still underway, amidst uncertainties and questions about a future that sees port logistics as the protagonist despite everything.

The numbers of growth

in 2020 the ports had moved 441 million tons of goods, with a a decrease of 10% compared to 490 million in 2019; already in first quarter of 2021 on the other hand, there was a first important sign of a countertrend, with one 2019% growth in traffic flows over 3.
The trend is that of a constant approach to pre-pandemic levels, a fact which is absolutely not taken for granted given the current general condition which does not lead to a total exit from the emergency situation worldwide.
Between January and September there was essentially an increase in global container traffic equal to 3,3% of the total.
To accompany the container sector also i rolling stock traffic (+ 18,6%) and other miscellaneous goods (+ 24%).
The sector remains in the quicksand cruises, shot down and cleared by Covid, which still records a more than 277% increase compared to the same period in 2020, with an eye to a 2022 which - it is hoped - should represent the real rebirth of the sector.

Ports as a symbol of a country that wants to rise again

Hence, ports are recovering clearly: this is the data that emerges with conviction from the Assoporti report.
The resilience that has characterized the port sector during the pandemic has allowed the logistics engine to represent a cornerstone at a national and international level.; an irrefutable fact and a great food for thought also at the institutional level, to project this sector to a sustainable future full of opportunities.
It is essential for Italian ports to remain and become increasingly competitive on the world scene, and to do so important investments are needed in infrastructures and digital and ecological innovation.
Il PNRR represents a huge opportunity, and ports must be the symbol of a country that raises its head with strength and pride.