5 Apulian ports warm up their engines: 750 million euros on the way

Funds for a total of 750 million of euro requested by the AdSP of the Southern Adriatic Sea. Very substantial resources that will be devoted to the development of a series of projects related to 5 Apulian ports of Bari, Brindisi, Monopoli, Manfredonia and Barletta. Overall, this maneuver. it will allow the south and the Puglia region in particular, a series of extremely significant works from a strategic point of view for the present and the future.

Interventions aimed at a growth that acts as a driving force for the entire Apulian economy

The projects are extensively touching all 5 airports, with the headlights focused especially on Bari e Toast: we start from the realization of the cold-ironing on both stopovers. Always a Bari the road truck connection between the airport and the A14 motorway and again the passenger terminal on quay 10. As mentioned, there are also many investments in the Brindisi port, where a jetty briccole with strengthening of ro-ro ship moorings, la accumulation tank and filled tank in Costa Morena, the completion of the pull over of S. Apollinare, docks and completions Zona Franca Capobianco area ed overall excavation of the port, completion of the renovation of the former Maritime Station. Reception facilities passengers, interventions on the seabed and interventions on the piers are instead planned between Barletta, Manfredonia e Monopoli confirming, as declared by the same body, of a range of interventions with procurement from different sources of funding, from the Recovery Plan to ministerial decrees and the MIT passing through interregional funds.

The southern Adriatic is in turmoil, but in Abruzzo the sea is flat

In light of this huge amount of work that involves the Apulian ports, it is natural to wonder how it is possible that theAbruzzo remain stuck at the stake: yes, our region in this sense is experiencing a stalemate that has been going on for a really too long period of time. Just think that in the port of Ortona, to analyze a case that we touch daily with our hands, the bureaucracy seems to be an insurmountable obstacle for the realization of the work of dredging on the airport and for the construction of the roundabout connection between the A14 and the port: two apparently minor works, but extremely explanatory of the situation that has been experienced for years in our region. A sudden change of gear is necessary to allow our sector to be even more a fundamental driving force for the regional economy; take an example of those who, in a virtuous way, create a competitive advantage through infrastructures a few hundred kilometers away.