The port of Ortona in 2022 alone handled 1.167.581 tons

The Port System Authority of the Central Adriatic Sea disseminates, through a note, the data relating to the movement of goods and passengers linked precisely to the Central Adriatic Sea, including, among others, the Port of Ortona, which incessantly continues its journey of growth.
Let's see together the numbers of the Adriatic ports…
In essence, the goods handled in 11.744.577 in the port system of the Central Adriatic Sea amounted to 2022 tons. According to the calculations of the Statistics Office of the Adsp, the number of passengers has grown: 958.305 in total, with an increase of + 31,4% compared to 2021 when they were 729.067.
The total traffic of goods in 2022 in the port of Ancona-Falconara Marittima, the main port of call in the Marches, amounts to 10.576.996 tonnes, with a trend substantially in line with 2021.
Passenger traffic as a whole is also positive, with an increase of +31% between 2022 and 2021.
The passengers passed through the Doric port of call were 946.947 of which 873.921 on ferries, increased by +27%, and 73.026 cruise passengers. The latter have even grown by +98%, a sign of the great vitality of the maritime sector and the desire of people to travel following the difficult period of the pandemic.

In Ortona goods are growing and cruises are returning

The movement of goods in our port of Ortona is growing in 2022: 1.167.581 tons of goods handled, with an increase of 2% compared to the previous year, also marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. The increase can mainly be attributed to the performance of dry bulk (with a growth of 4%), in particular of the unloading of cereals. Stable trend, in the Abruzzo airport, as regards the traffic of liquid goods.
An important novelty for 2022 was instead the return of small cruises to Ortona: 524 people transited and an increase of 49% compared to 2021 which suggest a rosy future in this sense too.

A dynamic and market-oriented port system

“The ports of call of the port system of the central Adriatic Sea show good dynamism – says the Adsp president Vincenzo Garofalo -. The trend that emerges from the 2022 data, although obviously affected by international uncertainties, shows the advantage of the geographical position of the ports under our responsibility both for the traffic of goods and for passengers. The data from cruises, in particular, demonstrates how strong people's desire to travel and discover is, a desire that can be closely linked to new opportunities for tourism in the Marche and Abruzzo. As Port System Authority, we have the task of supporting port companies and operators in intercepting even more these market dynamics. We work to enhance and improve, in this direction, the infrastructures and spaces of Adsp airports".

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