A fundamental strategic work will soon see the light

We are finally moving towards the completion of a work of extraordinary importance for the Province of Chieti, for Ortona and for all of Abruzzo: the link road between the A14 and the port of Ortona – as explained by the President of the Province Francesco Menna – it will in fact be completed with ZES funds.
A complex story, the one concerning this work, which after several years seems to have found the right epilogue thanks to the institutions which, together with the contractor, have formalized the consensual termination of the works contract.
The news is therefore that the construction site for the completion of the link road between the A14 motorway exit and the port of Ortona will soon be handed over, and that the work will be completed under the aegis of the Special Economic Zone.

Essential infrastructural development for the port of Ortona

«An age-old story ended today - explains the President of the Province of Chieti Francesco Menna - a story that had been going on for too many years to the detriment of the economic and productive development of the province and of all of Abruzzo. After a series of meetings organized and strongly desired and promoted by the provincial councilor and mayor of Tollo, Angelo Briar, and also solicited by the mayor of Ortona, Leo Castiglione, with whom a fruitful interlocution has immediately started in recent months, today we have reached, together with the company, the consensual termination of the works tender contract. Today we have reached an important and strategic milestone which will allow us to soon deliver the construction site under the aegis of the Zes for the completion of the "A14-Port of Ortona motorway exit" link».

Intermodality and growth at the centre

Great news for an infrastructural work that will finally see the light of day in the coming months: that of the construction and completion of the A14-Porto link road is yet another unequivocal sign of how infrastructures must redesign a territory that is hungry and has the means to be competitive at an absolute level.
The strategic position of the Ortona airport, the road-rail-air connections located nearby, the constant growth of the movement of goods and of the network with Italy, Europe and the world, from East to West, must be the solid foundations on which everyone has the duty to aim, from sector operators to local and national institutions, for a common development that can last over the years.

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