The PNRR as a key to the growth of the territory

In recent months we have often talked on the Buonefra blog about how the railway connection between Pescara and Rome can represent an enormous opportunity for Abruzzo, for Italy and for the center-south: a real direct bridge between the East and the west.
A massive upgrading of the infrastructures, in particular through the creation of this connection, would transform Abruzzo into the logistics platform for the whole of Southern Italy: the speeding up of the railway line Roma-Pescara it is therefore a priority work for Abruzzo, an action that would allow for development in terms of movement of goods and people along the East-West axis, betting and investing in the Ports of Ortona and Vasto, in the interports and in the airport, making our region an absolute point of reference at national and international level.

Abruzzo as a bridge between East and West

Silvano Pagliuca, President of Confindustria CH-PE, expressed himself decisively on the subject in recent days, who drew the line regarding this very important infrastructure with a focus on what this would represent for Abruzzo companies and for investors who are willing to invest in Abruzzo.
“These big infrastructures – explains Pagliuca – they must form a single network connected physically with the last mile infrastructures and digitally, to form the great logistic platform of Central Italy towards the European corridors, the lower Mediterranean and towards the international infrastructural network. Because of this – emphasizes the president – we claim that we want to go straight to the goal quickly, now that the investments and projects for speeding up the railway network are tangible, they also become the premise for aspiring to high speed and high capacity; in our region more than 1.300.000 citizens will be able to take advantage of a positive economic ecosystem”.

Investments, people and environmental impact

In this context, a very important role is played by the Italian railway network, whose action is expected precisely by the entrepreneurs of Abruzzo since some immediate benefits are expected such as the speeding up of the East-West connection, for people and goods, improving the time to market of the products and the procurement of raw materials.
Even the increase in the attractiveness of the area for investments passes through this work: thanks to the increase in the competitiveness of the logistics system and the reduction of the environmental impact that the Pescara-Rome connection would bring, there would in fact also be repercussions in the tourism sector, a fundamental branch for our territory which would, in fact, become the outlet to the Adriatic and towards the Middle East of the Lazio region, with Pescara Airport which would also act as "Rome's third airport".
Losing this opportunity would be truly unforgivable, and institutional mediation and the regional business fabric becomes absolutely essential for what would represent a 360-degree turnaround for Abruzzo and for Italy.

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